Head Dresses by Lime Light

LIME LIGHT HEADDRESS IS A UNIQUE CONCEPT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SWIM AND SHOWER WITH YOUR HEAD DRESS ON (OPTIONAL)! Great for those undergoing Chemotherapy or hereditary hair loss or for those with Alopecia or just really thin hair! The colors are endless we have a beautiful rainbow of colors to choose from! Purchase our color ring below and have fun designing your "HEADDRESS"!

Millions of women suffer from hair loss, more than 30 million in the U.S. alone. And while most treatments available today are at Hair Replacement Centers designed with men in mind, the good news is that Lime Light Hair Industries has Hair Systems here and they are are safe, proven treatments designed especially for men, women, and children.

At Lime Light we understand that women's hair--and women's experiences with hair loss--are very different. That's why our team have a hand-picked staff to include talented female hair restoration specialists who will train you and explain how to understand the unique challenges faced by women.

Working as a team of licensed cosmetologists and experienced  hair dressers , we've developed a variety of treatment options that have restored thick, beautiful hair to tens of thousands of women. We'll take the time to give you one-on-one guidance, personalizing your treatment plan and give your clients a flattering, unique look that you'll both love. Your clients will look and feel beautiful again in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

Lime Light is happy to offer the Lime Light Head Dress. The primary use for the Head Dress is to provide coverage for clients who have very fine, “see-through” hair in the cranial area (over the top of the scalp or all over the head).