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What makes Lime Light Hair Industries so special?

Lime Light Hair Industries Hair Extension & Enhancement Artistry is a custom hair company built by a Celebrity Hair Artist , professional hair extension and enhancement and replacement specialist of nearly twenty years Kelly Hill . Our Secret is that we use REUSABLE, 100% NATURAL, RAW FULL CUTICLE HAIR! Our hair is applied by using a simple, unique method performed by a Certified Lime Light Hair Extension Artist.  Using our patented “Hair Link”, our method places our beautiful hair within your existing hair in individual sections. This allows the hair to move in a 360 degree formation, so you are able to pull your hair up and around, while it still appears flat and undetectable. All this while using NO HEAT, NO GLUE, NO SEWING, NO BRAIDING and NO TENSION... so, NO DAMAGE. This System is quick to apply, giving you free time to go about your day. The Lime Light Hair Extension and Enhancement System is very comfortable, undetectable and gentle, leaving your hair the utmost natural looking and damage free! 

Lime Light Hair Industries is based in Los Angeles, CA. We are passionate about our trade, and our everyday clientele knows us for quality. If you want thicker, fuller hair, extra length, additional volume, or added color, you are in the best hands with Lime Light Hair Industries. 

Specializing in film and television, fashion, weddings and events, where industry’s demand for the best looking hair resides, we are here for you to make your hair dreams a reality.

Our Certified Lime Light Hair Extension Artists are highly trained, licensed professionals, located globally. Looking for a Lime Light Hair Extension Artist in your area is as easy as giving us a call or a text, or just sending an email.  We will have an Extension Artist contact you.

Why Lime Light Hair Links?

Lime Light Hair Links were built around the look and movement of natural scalp hair. The new Lime Light Hair Link is a patented concept that will mimic the look of your hair as it lies flat, like natural hair does!

Other popular hair companies using their latest techniques still give off an un-natural look to the hair because of the rope like effect of the hair application.  Hair does not grow in thick clumps, so when using the other company's techniques with the cylindrical bead, hair can appear un-natural looking and rope-like.


Why not use another company's extensions?

Other companies are using cuticle stripped hair.  We, hair extension experts, call this "scrap hair".  These companies mix animal and different hair types, from Chinese to Italian, into one bundle, to stretch the hair bundle out.  They also put sealers on it to preserve the hair for a month with a plastic-like coating, causing it to look like doll hair.  Once the coating breaks down the hair goes into the trash. Let’s not fail to mention that the hair looks extremely unrealistic, and other people can usually tell that you are wearing hair extensions.


Why are Lime Light Hair Extensions more undetectable than others?

 Lime Light Blends and or Lime Light Highlights mix every individual hair extension in up to three colors! All of our scalp hair has at least two colors running through it.  Let us blend and highlight your look to a flawless, NATURAL looking finish! With every Lime Light Hair Extension you order, this service is complimentary.


Lime Light Hair Link patented technology allows the application of the hair extension to lay flat against the scalp, going across. This creates a look of flush, natural hair.  The application is hidden against the scalp in a microscopic attachment, which hides the application so all you see is hair.

When the Lime Light Hair Link is applied, our Lime Light Hair Extension Artist uses a flawless side to side pattern as well as a brick layering technique while placing individual extensions, which allows no holes or gaps between our individual hair extensions.

Other hair company’s hair extensions can run up and down in a clump-like affect.  This makes it appear bulky and grows out faster because although the attachment is tight at the top, the bottom is actually a half an inch out.

What makes Lime Light Hair Extensions so fast and easy to apply?

Lime Light Hair Extensions saves you time and money in the salon chair… and HERE IS WHY! The Lime Light Hair Extensions flat technique presses more efficiently with the use of a generous amount of hair in each individual extension. This allows more hair to flow across the scalp with less hair extensions in use. 

Also, your Lime Light Hair Extension Artist has already designed your look with the technique of blending and/or highlighting, so there is NO time lost thinking about where to place different colored hair extensions.

The link is simply picked up by hand, slipped onto your scalp hair, the extension is inserted and then clamped in………………….. THAT’S  IT!!!!!!!!

  • Lime Light Hair Extensions are tapered at the ends allowing you just trim and walk away.
  • Other companies do not have the pressed flat look when applied leaving the hair cluster looking.  
  • Other companies have one color hair extension option leaving hair looking unsightly noticeable.  
  • Other companies need tools to be heated to apply the hair extension. 
  • Other companies need to load beads and pull hair through threaders and strings.  
  • Other companies have bulk ends which take time to blend them into your layers, your style, making your extensions appear un-natural.



We welcome you to step into the Lime Light, where beauty illuminates.